Complete integrated monitoring and access control systems using modular PLC controlers and sensor systems. Factory and warehouse automation and design systems built with longevity in mind. No Project is too big or too small.


T3 Automation uses their in house System Designers and Engineers to build fully functional systems and subsystems that monitor and automate specific systems. Water Management, Fuel Management, Pump control, Fire Systems and a myriad of other control systems are just the tip of the iceberg for our Automation and Monitoring system specialists. We work with veterans with over 25 years of experience working on Turbine Speed Boats, Mega Yachts, and Large Scale Factories and Water Processing Plants. We believe in doing our homework and also welcome custom design system refits. If you have an Aging Monitoring System that is slowly failing and you want to replace it. We can look over your existing drawings and system schematics and devise a plan of attack to replace your system with a new, working, streamline system that has redundancy and solid performance.


We work with your engineers and managers to ensure that the system is fully functional and all aspects are operating as desired. We provide in panel wall HMI interfaces as well as the option for wireless tablet interface. Every system is designed with the end user and system stablity in mind. We want to ensure bullet proof concepts and design specifications that are built to specification as required.


Our combined experience consists of prior US Military Technicians and designers that have worked in multiple industries that are fully aware of how to develop, design and simplify complex systems. We provide complete system drawings and documentation as well as support all over the world for our clients.

Complete control and system monitoring at your fingertips with a streamline sleak design that works for Yachts.

Systems we are familiar with retrofitting include but are not limited to;

Monitoring Systems we are familiar with retrofitting include but are not limited to;

RadioZeeland DMP BV

Benetti Yachts

Paladium Technologies


Palmer Johnson Yachts

Westport Yachts

Find out what we can do to assist you in your factory, yacht, vessel or treatment faility new build or refit today. Let us simplify your process.

Experience and Service Are Our Greatest Strengths.
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