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Vessel Automation and Monitoring Systems

Our team of engineers and designers have years of hands on experience working as captains on yachts and commercial fishing vessels. They have a true understanding of what it takes to ensure that a vessels system is fully functional and operating as desired to the specifications required. 


At your fingertips, you will have complete control of your vessels control and monitoring systems with ease and redundancy.

We design and engineer complete customized integrated monitoring and access control systems using modular PLC controllers and sensor systems. We provide customized in panel wall HMI interfaces as well as options for a wireless tablet interface. Our systems are designed for stability and functionality. End user ability and performance is a priority with concepts and design built to the specifications required. 

Systems we are familiar with retrofitting 

Monitoring Systems we are familiar with retrofitting include but are not limited to;

RadioZeeland DMP BV

Benetti Yachts

Paladium Technologies


Palmer Johnson Yachts

Westport Yachts

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