We love Automation and all things insanely cool. What good is Technology if you can't use it to simplfy your life and make it easier? We work across multiple prouct lines and Home Automation Products. With the various options available we believe that it makes sense to have at least one programmer for each supplier to ensure we can not only develop the most cutting edge and stable systems but also the most cost effective when it matters.


So what makes us different from everyone else you say? Attention to detail and over 20 years of experience in the industry combined with some of the best customer service available. We believe in answering the phone at night, on the weekends and holidays and if we miss a call we always call back as soon as possible. Just ask our Divorce Attorneys! 


One thing we never do is try to sell you something you don't want or don't need. We perfer to sit down with the client and ask what they want to happen in each room. How they want to be able to control the system. Some people like using tablets and some perfer old school remotes while others like a hybrid of both like a remote with a touch panel.


We Listen. We Advise. We build exactly what you want and we ensure it works. We also offer reprogramming and redesign services to correct other Audio Visual Company's mistakes.

We believe in redundancy when we build automation systems without increased cost. If your network goes down because of a catastrophic event we want to you still be able to control your Television and system with standard IR commands so we always build a secondary IR repeating system into every new design to ensure that worst case you can always use your old remotes if the automated system goes down.


We can integrate almost any hardware into any system. We always will recommend packages and hardware that works together.


  • IP Camera viewing and controls built into tablets and remotes.

  • Weather Forecasts that update based on region.

  • RFID/Cellphone Recognition Protocols.

  • Standard or PoE LED Lighting and blind controls.

  • HVAC control integration.

  • Monitoring system integration.

  • CMS Integration for calendar events.

  • Audio Distribution systems.

  • If you can imagine it we can work to make it happen.

We would love to find out what you would like to make your spaces do and help you make it hapen. Localized systems or Distributed systems we are ready to build you a stable turnkey package that fits your needs and budget for your personal spaces or mass produce a solution for your company to install in their properties or yachts. We believe in providing you a complete turn key system with all the hardware and software including all drawings, documentation and user manuals for your system.


Lets work together to design your system exactly the way you want it!

Find out what we can do to assist you in your factory, yacht, vessel or treatment faility new build or refit today. Let us simplify your process.


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